We live in a society where we want instant gratification and it has programmed us to believe that as we snap our fingers we should have it. THIS can hinder us when we walk with God because He does things on His timeline not ours. I’ve been going through a silent season hence my hiatus. I didn’t want to blog until I made it through completely (I know I know i will blog through the process lol).

If I told you all I had to endure this season you would say I was lying . BUT GOD! You ever been in a place where you just feel stuck in the wilderness, like completely STUCK with no direction of where to turn ? Well that’s where I’ve been….

Just completely lost !!! I knew where I wanted to be but no idea of how I would get there. My husband was away for 1 year on the road as Truck Driver …. Yass one WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR BRUHHH. Talk about wilderness lol no sex … no dates … no hugs… no kisses…just me and God! But we made that sacrifice to put us ahead so we could create the life we desired.

Not to mention my sister was staying with me so imagine carrying someone when you are completely dry and lost in the wilderness. Honestly it felt like I was blind leading the blind BUT GOD! I had to pull up my big girl pants and walk blindly trusting God.

I got to a point where I was mad at God saying “God how could you bring me a helpmate and then take him away temporarily before I could fully enjoy my hearts desire? Like how Sway??? Here I am serving and worshipping you weekly and I can’t even get what I’ve been praying for??? But God couldn’t bless me with that attitude.

I had to realize my situation wasn’t going to change with this attitude. I needed to trust God to lead me in this season. I had to abandon the ship of what I knew and what I wanted and TOTALLY rely on God! The God I sang about weekly … the God I told my friends about … the God I told my clients about. That God knew all I was going through and was waiting for me to surrender my will so HIS perfect will could come forth.

In my “SILENT SEASON“ God has been testing my faith in all areas. My Doctorate program had been a pain in my butt and I had to press a reset button. In the midst of all of this my grandma passed away at 85 yrs old and the week of her funeral my husband also loss his grandma at 83yrs old. The rocks of our family passed away back-to-back how crazy is that??? Although this hit me harder than I thought it would I couldn’t help but believe that through death God was building a new foundation. I just had a feeling of expectancy after my grandmother’s funeral.

God was doing a NEW thing!!! Following my trip to Jamaica (June 2018) to bury my grandma I came back and went on an interview with a new agency I was looking forward to working for. Mind you the interview process took a month another testing of my faith. Rewind to a few months back (April 2018) a prophet came to my church and prophesied that I would be getting a promotion ($10k increase) and that with the new job I would be able to finance my business. Fast forward to now …October 8th will be 2 yrs since I started in my role as Program Coordinator TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

The seeds I’ve sowed are finally bearing fruit and I couldn’t be more excited! My wait wasn’t in vein. God gets all the glory He brought me through like He did with Moses!!! Fast forward to a few updates >>> My husband is HOME and has been home for over a year now. I’m moving up in my Dissertation Phases gracefully. I just published my 1st of many audio books! And I’m walking in my


Stay in Peace my loves and embrace each season of your life with Faith in God! If He brings you to it He will bring you through it.


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