I’ve been gone for a minute don’t even know where to pick up from but here it goess…. These past few months have been CRAZY to say the least. Ive endured some trying times hunty tryyyyiinnggg…… Okurr!


From my husband being away for work for the first time, going through hurricane Irma, not making it to residency, getting in totaling my husbands car, and sooo much more! Let me tell you the truth I lowkey think I legit went through a mini depression. Now we all know sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on with our own mental health especially for me as a therapist. But I’m telling you, I felt it with every fiber in me that something was wrong! I lacked motivation to WRITE whether it was for work, school, or pleasure. I legit did not have the urge to deliver for the people.


Honestly, I felt like how could I deliver a message when I hadn’t overcome anything… Like how sway?? Writers BLOCK was real in these streets lol! So the tea is… I passed my residency *praise dance*, my hubby is still making this shmoney (yes, i miss my heartbeat), I failed my license exam (boooooooo), I’ve been saving and my credit score went up (whoop whoop), I ended some familyships, friendships, and rekindled some others (yay to adulting lol), and overall I am Exactly where God wants me to be!


In the moment, I didn’t realize it but I am glad to WRITE that all is well! God has been so good to me. I’m not where I think I should be, God has me right where He wants and in this season I am working to be content with God’s portion for me. Okkkaay!

Side Note: My week vacation to Aruba was Littt 🔥! Back to business lol

I’ve been working on a few things and I can’t wait to share it with you all… *wink wink* NO IM NOT PREGNANT (haha had to clear that up)


Anywhooo I pray that my transparency has helped you to be bold about your truths and to know that everything that glitters doesn’t have to be GOLD but you are MAGIC ! Oh yeah go follow my new Instagram (@phyllystateofMind)

Love Phylly


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