This quote is one I believe with all my heart and the quote I tell my friends when they are facing disappointment. Often times we want something so bad that when it doesn’t happen we become disappointed, frustrated, and put up a wall. But what I know to be sure is that in my life whatever was for me whether it was a relationship, friendship, or a career opportunity, it never missed me. It always seemed to come to me when I least expected it and I can thank God for never giving me anything prematurely.


Sometimes we want that job so bad that when we don’t get a call back we beat ourselves up and just quit. Don’t quit Love. What’s for you, will never miss you. At times we like that guy and we can’t seem to figure out why he won’t “act right” i.e. (call back, text back, make things official, put a ring on that finger, etc.). Sometimes we plan to move to that place whether in state or cross country and we get discouraged because one thing goes wrong. Stay encouraged my Love. What’s meant for you, will never miss you.


Take a moment to really think about the things that you really wanted with all your heart. Maybe you shared it in your daily group chats or you hid it in your heart. You know what I’m talking about. You talk about it every chance you get! Yeah, that thing or person lol. When you didn’t get that job, that acceptance letter, that guy, the ring, call back for that approval for a house or apartment, deep down inside you were being prepared for that BETTER thing that you couldn’t even see or imagine that God had in store.

For example, when I wanted to move back to Florida after completing college and felt like every roadblock came upon me. I was anxiously waiting to hear back from a school I applied to in Miami, FL only to get an acceptance letter from a school in Maryland the place I wanted to move from so bad. You could imagine my disappointment. But something happened. I was able to complete my program, help take care of my younger sister, make connections and most importantly build character to prepare me for when I finally moved to Florida!


Moving to Florida was one of the hardest decisions I would make and it definitely came with a price – heartbreak, loss of friendships, working several dead end jobs, moving with several people and not having a job in my field for almost a whole entire year. During times when hardship came I got to the point where I thought, “You know what? Everyone was right to tell me not to move to Florida! Life would be much better if I wasn’t in Florida.”


There was one incident in particular when I was tired of living with family and made attempts to venture out on my own and get my first apartment. After being denied several times I wanted out and just for a split second I wanted to drive my car into traffic and just end it all. But I had a flashback of all the things God had brought me through and I knew greater things were in store. The opposition I was facing was because the devil saw what was coming. Today, I’ve been in my dream apartment for almost 3 years. My rent is significantly low compared to prices here, and my view is breathtaking!

God is good!

So the next time you get down, disappointed, frustrated, and just plain out want to quit. Be still and know – What’s For You, Will Never Miss You!

Written with Love,



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