So I’m back after my mini hiatus. Sorry, I couldn’t bless y’all with a post earlier. The way how my last semester of my doctorate program is set up – thee struggle is real! Let just say a lot has happened since my last blog post including my first run in with “bloggers critique.” I could say I was irritated but I know my intentions with my inspirational blogs about my life are pure, and reach those who need to hear it when they need to hear it!

Anywhoo I left off with the laws of attraction and being a visionary. Both things I still truly believe in 150%. I almost questioned them though because of the feedback I got from one reader. So I have much update since my big ring post and I know you all want to know all the juicy tea but that’s for another blog or possibly my book to come in the future. Lol

A few weeks after my “ring” announcement some friends and I decided to sign up to attend a local wedding expo. Now me, being the person I have always been started to speak out the things I wanted to received from attending this wedding expo. I said to everyone that I want to win my honeymoon and possibly everything for my wedding. Guess what happened? I left the wedding expo so discouraged because I didn’t win a dang thing. Quite frankly, nothing at the expo could be helpful towards because all of their venues were local and we wanted to do a destination wedding.

But I continued to claim winning a honeymoon no matter how crazy it sounded. A few days after the expo, I got an email saying that I not only won my honeymoon to Dominican Republic but I won customized champagne flutes, our wedding bands, and our engagement photo shoot which will be going down this weekend! God is soo good and ALLL the glory goes to Him! I am glad I didn’t let the critique I received dim my light and change my beliefs! I am blessed and highly favor and the fruits are showing chile… lol

I encourage you to be who you are unapologetically. Don’t ever let the enemy (devil) use anyone to get you down. Instead write your goals down, pray, forgive, do good, and love people.

God knows we are imperfect and fighting battles only He knows. Through God we can work on getting pretty close to perfect by his strength and guidance.

In the meantime claim your blessings and they will come, right on time!!!!

Be Blessed my #PhyllPhanz


What does your life say about you?

Are you bearing fruits?

Read Mathew 7;16-20 for more detail on what it mean to bear fruit…


1. For those who are engaged or know someone engaged, please Google local wedding expo to attend because it’s a great experience and you can have a chance at winning something towards your wedding.

2. If you have questions or need more details email me and I will answer them.


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