With Valentine’s Day on the way, many people tend to settle for the next “Joe Blow” just to go on Instagram or Facebook and flex, or send pics in group chat of what the “Mr.” did.

Now I know you are probably thinking, “what do she know? I GOT A MAN.” But the reality is that it hasn’t always been this way. In fact for many years I chalked up my worth to keeping a man until Valentine’s Day, then I would be enough. Last year was the first year that I spent Valentine’s Day single and I don’t remember being lonely. A few of my cousins and I went out for lunch after church and I spent the day in good company with genuine people that loved me. I have to admit that’s kinda cliché right?! But it was the God honest truth .


The previous years before that I could remember being with some “Joke” that wasn’t worthy of my time but I would keep him just so I could say I had a Valentine. Valentine’s Day signifies “Love” in the eyes of society and if you are alone that means you are bitter, single, ugly, lonely, and most of all UNLOVED! This is False ladies there is someone out there that is worthy of this love you want to give so bad and His name is God! All the love you try so hard to give to others belongs to Him. It’s just that simple. He is the keeper of your heart❤️.


Looking back I’m thinking, boy was I desperate. But it was all a lesson. In 2015 after my horrible breakup I made a promise to myself that it would be the last year I would mark my price tag down! I went to the beach had a private ceremony with God where I gave Him all the broken pieces to my heart so that He could do the mending and prepare me for a Man after His own heart. Sounds silly right??? But let’s face it we all got to a point where we get sick and tired of opening up our hearts just to have it broken and if you haven’t yet Baby listen.. you will get there!! For me that relationship was the straw that broke this camel’s back.


I would still date, but I took SEX completely off the table. Sex was something I struggled with for years. Of course I have slip ups but I’m grateful for God’s GRACE. The motives of the men I dated became so clear once sex wasn’t an option and it felt good to be in check of myself and my emotions for once. So I started to work hard on loving myself again. I spent time alone at the beach and read books on how to become God’s best. Month by month I started feeling whole again. Looking back, my thought is wooooah was I really that broken? but the reality is, only broken people mark down their price tags to NOTHING – $0! We were bought by Christ with a price how dare we mark ourselves down?! Such a smack in the face to God.


No man, not even a husband, can fill the need you have for secure love. Only Jesus who is the same yesterday and today, and forever, will never disappoint or fail you (Hebrews 13:8). See, this is not my word. This is straight from theee Lord heyysus (Jesus)!

So where do you go from here? You wait on the Lord (or whoever you serve) and be of Good courage.

I know you are tired of waiting. Trust me. I got tired too. But then I got myself busy into so many things that I always wanted to do and I tried some new things too, including enrolling into my Doctorate program.

Be encouraged my sisters! For your Love is too _____________ [fill in blank] to have thrown back in your Face!!!!

Don’t Let Valentine’s Day define you Love. You are worthy 365 days of the year.

P.S. If you must, unplug from social media for Valentine’s Day. Please do so until the hype is over!!!!!!!



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