Whether you are in a relationship that’s not going anywhere that you’ve dragged on for way too long… weight that you need to lose that you keep pushing back… a dead end job that you “dread” but keeping going back to week after week… or maybe you keep going back to that person or thing that God has directed you to cut ties with…What about that program or major that you enrolled in just to please yo “ Mama or Daddy”… Or maybe it’s that hairstyle that you are tired of wearing… or that problem you have with your finances year after year; spending money you don’t have just to keep up with the “Jones’s.”


“IF YOU DREAD IT, DEAD IT” is a quote that came to mind when a friend of mines was venting about hating her job and just like a light bulb… DING! There it was… “IF YOU DREAD IT, DEAD IT!” Often times in my life I come across situations that I allowed to go on for way too long. I stayed in past relationships long passed its time; I’ve even wrestled with walking into all God has called me to be, ending childhood friendships, cutting off family members, and sticking to my workout and diet in order to be the best version of myself. I have truly experienced it all, and one thing I can say is that you are not obligated to any situation in your life.

You are the Problem and you are the Solution! So next time you encounter any of these situations in your life remember “IF YOU DREAD IT…DEAD IT!”


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