For a while I contemplated moving back to Florida. After all it was my place of birth and it housed some of my best and worst childhood memories. However, every time I tried to come back something would happen to stop me from doing so. I knew that God wanted me to wait but it was just so hard because every cell in my body wanted out of Maryland. I just felt I had unfinished business in Florida.


After I graduated from college (2011) I just knew I was going to move to Florida. In fact, I had it all figured out in my little head. So I decided that I would apply to Graduate schools in Florida and one school in Maryland. You wouldn’t believe what happened! I got accepted to the 1 school in Maryland that was one of the Top 10 schools for Social Work! I said, “God you got a sense of humor, don’t you?!” I laughed to myself but inside I was boiling up. So I decided, hey 2 years wouldn’t hurt. Boy was I wrong.


I experienced so many detours and roadblocks it wasn’t even funny. But, something happened. I GOT CLOSER TO GOD!!!! Fast forward 2 years (2013), and I went on the 40-day lent fast. I seeked God for direction about moving. I always say to God “if this is your will for my life Lord, let it go smoothly” and God came thru!!! I was able to move out of my room with my cousin as a replacement roommate. After all I didn’t want to leave them in a bind.


After graduation, one of my best friends (then) suggested that I could stay with her in Florida until I got on my feet. So a few days following my graduation, I MOVED! Once I got there I hunted and search for jobs in my field but had no luck. I decided I would just have to take a regular job. Self doubt set in because when I expressed moving to Florida many friends, colleagues, and even my mentor told me I was crazy. They felt like this because I didn’t have a job set up and I would be taking a HUGE pay cut. However, I started working that December (2013) and before you knew it in full “Jamaican ” fashion I was working 3 jobs (Ikea, substitute teacher, and researcher) lol.


In that season, God revealed to me who my real friends were. He removed who needed to be removed. Moving was a Huge test of my FAITH and I had to LET GO AND LET GOD! By May 2014, I got hired at Women In Distress (domestic violence shelter) and quit my other 3 jobs. Life just kept going up from there!

Fast forward to now, I found an awesome church home, I’ve been living in my gorgeous water front apartment for 2yrs now, I work for the oldest and largest Mental Health organization in Florida (which provides free supervision for clinical license, flexible hours, & tuition reimbursement), I’m one year into my Doctorate program, and the love of my life has relocated from NYC to be here with me!!! God is good. I am so grateful that God was the author and finisher of my FAITH.


My process might not work for you. After all who would just pack up life as they know it? Who would take a 15 hour drive to move to a new state with no secure job? But I encourage you to seek God for guidance as I did! IF YOU DREAD IT, DEAD IT … but make sure you have a plan behind it!


Have you been thinking about moving but just don’t know how?

1. I encouraged you to take a Leap of FAITH…because you can always move back if it doesn’t work out.

2. Make sure you seek out employment prior to moving in order to have a firm foundation to go into.

3. Don’t move for a partner if God has not orchestrated it and they haven’t expressed a future (engagement/marriage) with you.

4. It would be best to rent a room until you get on your feet because you have to get adjusted to your budget.( check out local newspaper for ads, or online roommates)

5. Visit the area/ city you are thinking of moving to in order to get familiar with your


Love you all!

Please contact me for advice if you DREAD IT AND WANT TO DEAD IT, by making that big MOVE!


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