If I could recall any childhood memories of love it would be those Beres Hammonds songs that my mom would play all through the house singing while she cooked dinner or while she cleaned on the weekends…


“Remember the songs

Used to make you rock away

Those were the days

When love used to reign, heyyy

We danced all night to the songs they played

Weekend come again do it just the same,”…


This song brings me so much joy and as I write I can hear the rhyme in my head. For a while love hasn’t felt like this for me . In fact I dated serial cheaters who should have been “Dead It” long time ago… but just like many of you reading this I suffered from “PP ” Poor Picker and even when I saw the red flags 🚩I would stay just because I didn’t want to be alone. After all society made being single seem like a disease and I didn’t want no parts of it! After my last heartbreak I made up in my mind that I would honor God and abstain from sex and give him my WHOLE heart and stop settling for foolishness to fill a void . God loves us so much and he reminds us that we should guard our heart above ALL things(Proverbs 4;23) Yet at the first sign of someone showing us love we give our ALL to them, then when our hearts get broken 💔we want God to do the mending??


After my ex I prayed that God would not only mend my broken heart but, for him to also keep it hidden until he seen fit to give it to a Man after his own heart ! What a prayer ! Fast forward to now I am so overjoyed that I put “me” aside and focused on Gods business (getting more involved in my ministries at church & my walk with God) and let God send a man after his own heart…

To those out there questioning where is your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right stay encouraged and prayed up and when you least expect it God will reveal to you who that RIGHT person is , but first you have to do the groundwork.. If you need therapy for healing then seek that, if you need to better manage your finances take a class or check out a few books, if you need to finish classes or school do that, if you have any hobbies focus on that , if God is calling you to do more at your church or in your community then go for it! Whatever you need to do get to it ,so that God can do what he has to do in your life first before he sends you your other Whole!!


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