I know I’ve been gone for a minute per usual lol but I’ve seriously bitten off more than I can chew. These past few weeks have been relaxing yet stressful. While I was grateful to be finish with my coursework for my Doctorate program I have been dealing with some silent struggles. Of course being a strong person many people don’t even bother to ask what’s going on with me – check on your strong friends! People instead always look for a “word” or advice from me about their current struggles. Well let me put it all out there…

I know I appear to have it ALL TOGETHER but the truth is I am figuring it out as I go!

Since finishing my coursework and passing all of my classes I was pushed into what I thought would be the easy part in the process of completing my doctorate degree – my Dissertation phase. Now I am not one to complain because I am a “Doer” and I am always looking for solutions to fix things but this was something I couldn’t fix for once lol. I must admit sometimes I have these great ideas in my head but somehow I can’t get it to work out in reality as I imagined it. I guess that’s the dreamer in me.


Anywho, so back to this dissertation. I decided to enroll myself in my residency for this summer semester (Aug 17) and let me tell you I really bit off way more than I could chew. Not only did I bite off wayyy more, I choked! Now I won’t bore you with the details of it all but let’s just say the class portion of residency was super intense and in the midst of trying to figure out all of this I received an opportunity of a lifetime to work with a population I have always been passionate about (children of incarcerated parents) for more money💲! Yasss Gawd! On top of that, I took a leading role in a dance and drama production at my church (Aug 5th).


I’ve been suffocating with the demands and expectations that I’ve placed on myself! When I get overwhelmed I just want to run away or I get completely STUCK and unmotivated. On top of all this my husband had to make some sacrifices and took a career opportunity out of the state. Talk about frustration! But, it’s all for the betterment of our family!

Back to the script and fast forward to now.

I decided, hey, I don’t have to rush GREATNESS. I will be a Doctor and nobody can take that away from me. Maybe not right this second but it’s coming! So I decided to cancel my residency and do it next quarter while I get adjusted to my new position at work and get my current position at separate agency under control.

Next week I will start my new position as a Field Instructor and I am super excited! I say all of this to say – TAKE YOUR TIME! Even though society and that little voice in our heads tell us we need to be at a certain place in our lives by a certain age it isn’t necessarily true. Take care of your “now.” Honestly, what good is life if all we do is stress about where we want to be? Take life in strides and work diligently towards your goals checking it off one step at a time.

Until next time my loves stay in PEACE ✌🏾


Resource: Matthew 6:34 NIV – Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


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